Excellence Logging services give you more than just typical geosteering services. We work together to ensure your requirements are exceeded and the quality, performance, and standards you expect are always met.

Excellence Logging has become an industry leader in geosteering by providing customers with the communication they need and want from a geosteering provider.


Excellence Logging has changed what customers expect from third-party geosteering companies. Our 24/7/365 Geosteering Operations Center is staffed by professionals and a Technical Lead is on shift 24/7 to ensure the work is being conducted in compliance with our high standards and recognized operating procedures.

We pride ourselves in becoming one of the industry's most trusted geosteering companies. Our geosteering services provide our customers with the information required to make timely decisions.

We know and understand what it takes to be part of a team that is focused on drilling a successful well. Using innovative customer-specific procedures and protocols, we ensure that these practices are followed on each and every well we geosteer.

 Our services encompass remote, on-site and in-house geoSteering operations.



  • 24/7/365 Geosteering Operations Center (GOC)
  • Dedicated to your success, we are built around a customer-first attitude
  • Formal shift changeover to ensure accurate exchange of information
  • Committed to Excellence
  • Detailed, specific, consistent information
  • Industry leading software solutions
  • Customized protocols and standards for every unique customer
  • Timely detailed and accurate reporting
  • Proactive and clear daily communication from professional and service-minded individuals