GeoPressure & GeoMechanics

Understanding pore pressure gradients and wellbore stability challenges across a project, field or basin can bring significant advantages to exploration and well planning. From pre-drill to real-time drilling analysis, an integrated pore pressure and wellbore stability solution helps exploration and production companies achieve new levels of risk reduction, cost savings, and improved drilling performance.

By using the enhanced information extended at the field level, office-based Excellence Logging engineers integrate geological and geophysical information to deliver well correlations, geopressure, and geomechanical interpretations to anticipate potential hazards to future operations. 

All wells have potential stability and pressure management challenges related to the trajectory of the wellbore. 

Wells with extended horizonal reach tend be more goemechanical in nature, while deep wells or wells in deep water tend to be pressure related.

When these conditions overlap the GeoPressure and GeoMechanics approach is needed.