Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Excellence Logging XView, the next generation of surface data logging software, underpins confidence that you’re making the right decisions in real time

From workover wells to complex deepwater drilling operations, reliable and accurate data are the cornerstone of any decision-making process.

Excellence Logging XView platform is the next generation of surface data logging software. The modular nature of the hardware and software provides exceptional reliability and seamless integration with our advanced services, meaning data can be delivered instantly to the decision makers anywhere in the world in real time.

The XView service acquires high frequency data from surface sensors deployed around the rig and integrates that data with third party providers. Improved hydraulics modelling and drilling-related algorithms – such as bit-to-surface time synchronization, depth projection and gas recycling corrections – provide significant improvements in data accuracy and quality.

The XView system is highly customizable, with a full graphic interface enabling simple system configuration, ease of operation, and automated data outputs. All data recorded at rig site are easily accessed globally via the SkyView web-based real-time data transmission service.