TT Bridge Plug

TT Bridge Plug

Thru Tubing Bridge Plug

The Positively Deployed Thru Tubing Umbrella Plug is designed to pass through small restrictions and set in a larger ID tubular below.

It firmly anchors into place a “metal petal” umbrella cement basket on which suitable bridging material (cement or resin) can be dumped.


  • Slip segments that hold 1600 lbs each
  • A tool barrier installed above the basket prevents accidental damage due to wireline tool string contact.
  • A second inverted basket directs any migrating fluids into the thru vent system.
  • A pressure balanced sliding sleeve vent valve maintains equalization across plug until it is closed, which is easily accomplished using wireline.
  • Stocked for all API casing sizes (4-1/2” thru 9-5/8”). Special tubing, casing, and openhole sizes or Corrosive service (H2S, CO2) models available on request.
  • Standard tool running diameter is 1.63” for 7-5/8” and smaller casing.
  • Standard tool running diameter is 2” 8-5/8” and larger casing