Core-Tech (an Excellence Logging Company) more than a Slickline company


Core-Tech, An Excellence Logging Company (“CTWS”) continues to develop and evolve it’s Core group of personnel and at the same time is moving more and more into Technology to increase its client base and its profit structure.

Late in 2017 CTWS, with the assistance of Miguel Gil, obtained Gyros from Stockholm Precision Technology (“SPT”) to run in Colorado and map well bores. Gyros are run before plug and abandonment when there is no existing survey and on wells within a prescribed radius of a horizontal drill well for anti-collision reasons. Additional Gyros are being deployed in east and west Texas as well.

Another technology venture is focused upon the X-Line, our conductive Slickline. CTWS partnered with GEO PSI to perform some Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing (“DFIT”) in west Texas. CTWS spooled the line and deployed it while GEO PSI handled the real time data gathering and transmission. Plans are currently moving forward for CTWS to offer well intervention services supported by the X-Line. Our sister company Accu-Line Wireline Services is providing technical support to help the startup process. Accu-Line has over 500 runs on the line with no missed runs and no NPT. They have provided explosive perforating, plug setting, dumped cement, run temperature/CCL logs and performed a variety of Slickline mechanical services with the line.

In summary, Core-Tech is successfully leveraging its mechanical slickline and swabbing footprint to introduce technology plays and increase sales and profits.