Coiled Tubing

A high-performance solution for specific – and highly demanding – customer applications

Excellence Logging coiled tubing is a continuous length of small-diameter steel pipe and related surface equipment as well as associated drilling, completion and workover, or remediation, techniques. Coiled tubing oilfield technology was initially developed for working on live, producing wells.

Excellence Logging’s coiled tubing units offer a number of features for customer applications that include:

  • Capillary offshore/onshore coil tubing equipment with an injector capable of running 0.25-in to 1.5-in stainless steel line
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic power pack
  • Hose reels to fit between the injector and tubing reel
  • Split core tubing reel capable of carrying different sizes of capillary tubing

It was with these applications in mind that the unit was designed with an electronic capillary control console, a coiled tubing reel with removable divider to maximize adaptability and custom stripper wear brass to increase capillary tubing service life.


  • Injector
  • Reel skid
  • Hydraulic reel skid
  • Power pack
  • Control cab
  • Hydraulic BOP
  • Skid pump and tank

Main Services:

* Completion operations * Workover operations * Plug and check valve setting * Gas lift operations * Acid jobs * Frac jobs * Heavy fishing * Cementing * Sand perforation