Wireline & Cased Hole Logging

Used in operations in which continuous monitoring is required… production logging, well pressure build-up in SRO and video camera… well intervention and pipe recovery

We apply our expertise and experience to help operators obtain additional information from a well or reservoir that has already been completed.

Our Cased Hole logging services have been in operation since 2011. We always ensure we are at the forefront of technology – bringing together the best equipment available for our customers worldwide.

We offer bespoke units built to customer requirements, with easy maintenance to ensure that there is no down time, and taking into account the limited space available offshore.

 The units can work either with the 7/32” Cable or with the 5/16” cable.


·       Units: skid and truck mounted

·       Type: single and double drum

·       Zone: Zone 2 and rig safe

·       Wire type: braided line

·       Pressure Control Equipment: 7 unit from 5 to 15k working pressure and H2S service

Main Services:

* PLT * Back-up spinner * Pulse neutron * Gravel pack log * Down hole video camera * Gyro survey * TT Bridge plug * Thickness tool * Multifinger * Pressure and CCL * Cement bond * Radial torch * Surface Read Out