Geochemical Analysis of Rocks (GEAR)

Geochemical Analysis of Rocks (GEAR) is complementary to advanced fluid analysis and provides key sedimentary insights including X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescence for mineral and elemental content but also organic presence and petroleum potential by pyrolysis.

EXLOG has proprietary sample collection protocols and software for automatic raw data processing making the overall workflow from sample collection to quantification highly reproducible and operator’s independent whether at the well-site or in laboratory environment.

Conventional and non-conventional reservoirs can be characterized by detecting mineralogy changes due to sedimentary sequences, diagenetic events during subsidence and other changes due to geological events such as uplifts, erosion and so forth. The presence of source rocks can be characterized by the content of TOC and respective petroleum potential. The applications are numerous and benefit to exploration geologists, reservoir engineers, petrophysicists and geochemists.

GEAR service is also applicable and valuable in challenges related to geothermal drilling and formation evaluation.