Fluid Logging

Integration of SAFE data with other sources ... further improves the accuracy of results, directly impacting exploration, appraisal, and development of the asset

Our SAFE (Stand Alone Formation Evaluation) service delivers continuous formation fluid logging during drilling operations in all environments and across all reservoir types.

The ability to profile formation fluids (hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbons) across a drilled section is critical for accurate formation evaluation and reservoir characterization.

While conventional data provides qualitative information, SAFE data provides the first information of the reservoir fluid composition and distribution. And it can be used to optimize wireline logging and sampling runs, impacting completion and production plans.

Gas and hydrocarbons in mud continue to be the most important fluid and petrophysical data source available before wireline and logging while drilling runs. Reducing logging expenses while maintaining the safety of the drilling operations is increasingly important, especially for operators aiming at financing their energy transition plans. Prior knowledge accumulated from mature assets can be combined with SAFE to optimize these logging programs. Information from SAFE becomes critical in exploration wells that have high levels of fluid uncertainty. In certain complex wells, surface gas measurement can be the only source of formation fluid when wireline operations are not possible. Indications of drill bit metamorphism can help drillers assess bit conditions and make quick decisions. 
Fluid logging with SAFE can be used to determine fluid contacts, reservoir connectivity, and barriers.The information can be used for monitoring and good accurate placement. And the repeatability of measurement allows for reliable correlation from well to well and on a regional scale. Integration of SAFE data with other sources further improve results' accuracy, directly impacting exploration, appraisal, and development of the asset. Detection and quantification of non-hydrocarbon compounds such as CO2, Helium, and Hydrogen are also available, which can be applied to drilled bit metamorphism detection or natural hydrogen exploration. Excellence Logging gas equipment is designed on a standard technology platform–enabling the modular upgrade of the on-site standard service to fluid logging service without having to change out the complete gas chain.