Electric Engine

Electric Engine

Electric Powered Well Head Compressor Units

The Electric powered well head compressor units provide production uplifts with zero emissions and requires significantly less maintenance than a natural gas-powered compressor.

The gas compressor is capable of full wellbore stream production, handling up to 50 BPD of liquids on the standard skid package.


  • No yellow metals: all yellow metals have been replaced with steel or aluminum for corrosion resistance
  • All seals are made of Viton materials for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Low Maintenance requirements
  • Single-stage models are capable of handling inlet pressures up to 50 PSIG
  • Single-stage maximum discharge pressure is 125 PSIG
  • Works in conjunction with Plunger Lift applications
  • Zero Engine-Driven Emissions
  • Customer connection point for venting of crankcase and gas unloader to a safe area
  • Auto Start and Stop Capability


  • Compressor Valves: Heavy Duty Disc Type
  • Skid Dimensions: 4 feet wide by 9 feet long with environmental rail and 1 inch drain connections
  • Weight: 3740 lbs
  • All vessels are protected by pressure relief valves.
  • Manual bypass valve is included for ease of starting and for compressor blowdown.
  • Bore and stroke: 4.5 in x 4.5 in x 4 cylinder
  • Maximum RPM 900 RPM
  • Maximum allowable discharge pressure: 125 PSIG
  • Piston displacement: 132.5 CFM @ Max RPM
  • Trailer mounted portable units
  • The control system is in a weatherproof enclosure


The electric compressor can be connected directly off of casing for a single well application or connected at central locations such as batteries (or satellite batteries for multiple-well applications).

The versatility of the electric compressor also makes it capable of providing “Sour Gas” Services. The compressor can also be configured to start and stop according to pressures with auto-start capabilities.