Insert Pumps

Insert Pumps

Insert Pumps

Rod (Insert)pumps are inserted inside the tubing and run as an assembled unit with the sucker rods. This type pump is anchored in a cup type or mechanical type seating nipple which is run as a part of the tubing string. A rod pump is removed from the tubing when the sucker rod string is pulled.

A rod pump is necessarily smaller in diameter than a tubing pump and therefore of a smaller capacity for a given tubing size.

Rod pumps have these main advantages:

  • Built with bottom or top hold downs
  • Available with 3 cup seating assembly or mechanical hold down
  • Precision barrels up to 40'
  • Barrels available in harden and honed, brass, and NiCarb

They come in two differents types:

The "RH" Rod Heavy Wall pump is an API all precision metal pump:

  • For Deeper wells
  • O.D. threads for a stronger connection
  • Extension available on both ends, and proper spacing will allow it to be a stroke through pump
  • the "RH" barrel has a wall thickness of 3/16"

The "RW" Rod Thin Wall pump is an API all precision metal pump

  • For shallow wells
  • The "RW" barrel has a wall thickness of 1/8"

Pumps are available in different lengths and material to address the different downhole challenges.