Chemical Screens

Chemical Screens

Chemical Screens & Rod Anodes

Chemical Screen is made up of a screen jacket that is placed over perforated J55 EUE with 24 Ft. Chemical screen is a downhole chemical conditioning system; it releases solid chemical at the bottom of the wellbore providing effective scale, paraffin and corrosion treatment, for rod pump, ESP, PCP, gas lift, Plunger lift, jet pump, and flowing wells.

The screens are made of solid based blend with 97% active chemical ingredients with a controlled release.

The chemical screens have the following advantages:

  • Reduces paraffin, scale and corrosion failures
  • Treats from the bottom up
  • Refillable tool design
  • Slow, self-release
  • Chemical treatment below the packer

There are currently four types of chemical sticks:

  • For treating a combination of scale, corrosion and paraffin
  • To combat scale, corrosion and paraffin but in more heavy concentration for inhibition and foaming of paraffin
  • Scale enriched stick with some corrosion inhibitors included
  • Corrosion enriched sticks with a small amount of exhibitor added

Rod anode goes on the bottom of the rod string to reduce corrosion on rod and tubing. The chemical material is usually placed on a two feet pony rod.