Unit & PCE

Unit & PCE

Coiled Tubing

The coiled tubing units are commonly dressed with tubing sized from 1 ¼” and above. This is due to the necessity to operate into deep wells where either the mechanical resistance and friction losses are the main requirements:

  • Coiled tubing drilling systems
  • Coiled tubing well cleanout systems
  • Coiled tubing fracturing system

However, there are fields of application where relatively big sizes of coiled tubing are not needed (e.g. shallow wells) mainly in the "Capillary string application" where tubing sized as low as ¼” might be required.

The coiled tubing unit proposed by Excellence Logging s.r.l. is a high-performance solution for given Customer applications that include:

  • Capillary offshore/onshore coil tubing equipment consisting of an injector capable of running ¼” to 1” stainless steel line
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic power pack
  • Hose reels fits between the injector and tubing reel
  • Split core tubing reel capable of carrying different sizes of capillary tubing

With these considerations in mind, the unit was designed with an electronic capillary control console, a coiled tubing reel with removable divider to maximize adaptability and custom stripper wear brass to increase capillary tubing service life.



To provide a complete working solution the injector was designed and manufactured with a lightweight gooseneck, a high strength lifting frame and a custom injector stand to provide easy access to the stuffing box on location.

The injector is the ideal high-performance unit for this application, it provides an ideal power to weight ratio in a compact package. Also convenient gauge and hydraulic bulkheads, quick connect hydraulic fittings, custom high –performance chain and easy-access accumulators are added.

The injector can accommodate ¼”, 3/8” and 1” tubing sizes using custom quick-swap injector chain inserts.

The injector for 1 1/4” is also available.


The gooseneck features a reinforced arc for increased working loads, a manual flip over for guiding the coiled tubing, easily interchangeable rollers for each coiled tubing size, and a simple two-pin mounting mechanism for rapid deployment. The custom rollers are machined for single-billet aluminum to provide a lightweight, high-strength product that provides years of service to the Customer.

Reel skid

The coiled tubing reel skid features a 104” OD reel with removable divider frame that sections the reel into 30” and 13” widths. With the divider removed, the reel has a 46” width that can spool 103052 m of ¼” coiled tubing, 45822 m of 3/8” coiled tubing or 6500 m of 1” coiled tubing. The reel features an integrated counter-head, an adjustable level wind and an electric over hydraulic controls for all reel functions.

The hydraulic system features an independent closed loop system for the reel spool motor and separate hydraulic system for the level wind motor , level wind lift and reel brake.

Coile tubing sized for 1 1/4” is also available.

Hydraulic reel skid

The hydraulic reel skid features four independent reels that supply a single bundle of hydraulic hoses to each of the injector, BOP, Coiled tubing, and power pack hydraulic systems. This unique approach eliminates excess hydraulic tubing from creating a worksite hazard and greatly simplifies setup and takedown.

The injector and BOP reels each hold 75 ft of bundled hydraulic lines, the coiled tubing reel 20 ft and the power pack reel 30 ft. All hoses have female JIC swivel adaptors for quick connection to their assigned skid.

Power pack

The power pack skid features a 4.5 liters diesel engine that puts out 115HP at 2500RPM. This engine powers two closed system axial piston pumps and one open series PVP pump. The skid also houses the engine’s 63 USGal (238L) diesel fuel tank, the 63 USGal (238L) hydraulic fluid tank, a hydraulic fluid cooler and a lubricant pump with 10 USGal (37.8L) reservoir. The hydraulic system features high quality filters with replaceable elements to increase service life.

Control cab

The entire capillary unit is driven from a custom designed control cab. The cab features an electronic over hydraulic control system with programmed joysticks, as well as a panel containing all relevant gauges for easy operation. The control panel is housed in a sturdy frame to prevent unwanted interference and protect the operator.

Hydraulic BOP

A 3 1/8”, 5000 psi WP, hydraulic BOP is part of the equipment guaranteeing all the safety aspects during the operations. The BOP is a ‘combi’ type dressed with ‘slip-seal to pipe’ rams in the lower side and with ‘shear-blind’ rams in the upper one.

Skid pump and tank

For any cleaning/washing operations might be requested a dedicated skid pump for liquid capable for 138 l/min at 540 bar together with a proper 20 cm dual sections (10 cm + 10 cm) tank for mixing and circulating are also available.


The list hereunder is reporting dimensions and weight of each component of the coiled tubing unit.

The tank is reported as a single unit but depending on circumstances it might be supplied with different design, such as split or other.

  • Panel skid assembly: 1836mm x 1625mm (3 m2); 740Kg
  • Reel skid: 2550mm x 3670mm (9.5 m2); 3500Kg
  • Coiled tubing (3000 m): 1”; 1900Kg
  • Hydraulic skid assembly: 1397mm x 3027mm (4.3 m2); 2250Kg
  • Power pack assembly: 2895mm x 1477mm (4.3 m2); 1910Kg
  • Injector: 1120mm x 1410mm (1.6 m2); 1180Kg
  • Tank (circulating & mixing): 6000mm x 2500mm (15 m2); 8000Kg
  • Pump skid : 3500mm x 1450mm (5 m2); 3000Kg

Main Services

  • Completion operation
  • Workover operation
  • Setting plugs/check valve
  • Gas lift operation
  • Acid jobs
  • Frac jobs
  • Heavy Fishing
  • Gas Lift