Focused Competence

Surface Data Logging

Thanks to a better quantification of the Gas extracted from the mud,
Thanks to a better analysis of the drilled rocks (Geochemistry),
Thanks to a better detection/analysis and understanding of the drilling parameters & events,
Thanks to a better data processing that could decrease the geological hypothesis.

  • Excellence Logging will propose a better representation of the stratigaphic column and will improve the Geological, Geochemical and Geomechanical understanding of the drilled zone, before, during and after the drilling operations !
  • Excellence Logging wants to accompany its Customers , from the rig site data acquisition to the field model understanding improvement in the Customer’s office !


Within CrossView instrumention is upgraded from detection (Detect & Report) to quantification (Process & Evaluate) and to characterization (Model & Resolve) according to the level  of service requested by the customer.

Wellsite Data Logging

Crosscheck delivers an enhanced analysis of acquired data from single or multiple rigs, that allows to crosscheck information and qualify it for future interpretation within a field scale study.

Enhanced Logging Support

By using the enhanced information extended at the field level, Crossfield allows to integrate geological and geochemical information in order to deliver well correlations and regional studies and to anticipate the possible hazards in the future operations.

Data & Consultancy