Description & Added Value

GEAR Service Description & Added Value

GEAR: Description & Added Value

Whether you have on-site real-time decisions to make based on mineralogy or legacy cuttings to analyze, GEAR can accommodate your needs.

Our service is designed to be deployable in our mudlogging units or in any fixed laboratory environment with no compromise on quality.

The associated workflows have been designed and developed to ensure consistent quality and reproducibility.

From sample collection through the application of smart sampling procedures to ensure representativeness, to data quality control through Xcheck procedures, full workflow control is what we first focus on.

Associated proprietary software for automated mineralogy quantification alleviates the process. The entire process and workflow make it independent from operator expertise or interpretation, thus fully reliable data is available for correlation when it reaches our Xfield engineers or directly delivered to you.

Our GEAR service is present globally with hubs in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.



X-Ray Diffraction

X-Ray Fluorescence


Available options:

TOC & Pyrolysis