Focused Competence

Data & Consultancy Services

From pre-drill studies to post well geopressure and geomechanics evaluations, the Data & Consultancy Services team provides personnel and analysis technology to address your most pressing knowledge-based challenges. Our Data & Consultancy Services are grouped into three divisions: GeoPressure-GeoMechanics, GeoSteering, and WellSite Geology.

GeoPressure and GeoMechanics

Understanding pore pressure gradients and wellbore stability challenges across a project, field or basin can bring significant advantages to exploration and well planning. From pre-drill to real-time drilling analysis, an integrated pore pressure and wellbore stability solution helps exploration and production companies achieve new levels of risk reduction, cost savings and improved drilling performance.


We offer you, our customer, 24x7 drilling surveillance using industry standard software and our proprietary interpretation methodology for locating and staying in target pay zones. Our certified field-trained geosteering professionals work alongside your geologists, beginning with reviewing geological prognoses and seismic data through successfully reaching the target horizon. Along the way we provide a correlated graph of your wellbore using a thorough analysis of available geological and petrophysical data. We can also provide in-house real-time geosteering services where our personnel, based in your offices, can review proprietary information and work directly with your geology and engineering teams.

WellSite Geology

We supply Wellsite Geologists and Well Completion/Well Intervention specialists to support onshore and offshore oil and gas operations in all areas of the world. Our consultants are multinational with broad operational experience gained from major oil companies. They actively participate within multidisciplinary teams and focus on improving the well performance for our clients.