Focused Competence


Wilog with Excellence Logging.

In July 9th, 2015, WILOG has decided to join Excellence Logging Forces.

EXCELLENCE LOGGING & WILOG’s management strongly believes that the development and growth of a company must be conducted in a responsible and sustainable way. This management style has an impact on all the aspects of the company: Personnel management is focused on growing the employee’s knowledge and skill to make them the technical experts and managers of tomorrow; we work with an irreproachable ethical behavior in the way we conduct our business; we investment in the service quality control, because we believe that a quality service today is a new business opportunity tomorrow.

Excellence in action can only be achieved by the continuous improvement of the processes and practices of a company. WILOG strives in making this an everyday target for its employees and management, ensuring that every step of the improvement process is fully implemented and assimilated as a permanent step forward for the company

Our vision at WILOG, an Excellence Logging Company, is to make measurable improvements in the health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) aspects of our services and operations and to do so continually.

As such, our HSE requirements are No personal injuries - No accidents - No environmental damages

Commitment to a positive safety culture by Corporate Management is clearly defined within our Policy Statements and reflects the responsibility and leadership requirement of our entire management structure. Responsibility and accountability are integral elements of our Management System.

What we do

As a trusted and reliable premium Slick line company, WILOG An Excellence Logging Company, lives up to its reputation by providing custom and personalized solutions for complex client needs through its high-quality slick line services.

Being committed to being an industry leader through operational excellence and technology advancement, we offer a complete, well-maintained fleet of slick line units in various sizes, from SD to heavy-duty, and a wide selection of line size choices.

The fleet of Zone 2 units, equipped with .108 , .125,.160  Wire and Pressure control equipment from 3’’ to 7’’   gives WILOG a high performance capabilities either Onshore or Offshore.

Wilog can also provide cost-effective wellhead maintenance services.