Excellence Logging issued a major revision of the Health & Safety, Environment, Quality, Business Ethics and Security Policies.


General Policy Statement from Bruno Burban, President and CEO Excellence Logging

Excellence Logging, a leading Oil and Gas service company providing “Geological, Drilling and Production Control services for your Wells, during their entire life cycle”. Our long-term business strategy requires the application of customer’s dedicated innovative technologies and the provision of an outstanding service delivery through a people driven organization.


We are committed to identify and assess any risks associated with our activities and ensure appropriate mitigation and control measures are in place. Top Management requires proactive commitment, leadership, accountability and planning from all employees, suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors, agents and other interested parties working under our responsibility.

Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Business Ethics, Security and Business continuity are all integral elements of Excellence Logging Operating Management System (OMS ref OGP 510/511). Our goals are to:


Comply with all relevant Health & Safety standards in the countries where we operate;
Protect the Environment through best environmental practices, optimized Waste Management and Go Green initiatives;
Achieve and maintain excellence in all Quality aspects to continuously meet or exceed customer expectations;
Develop and sustain an irreproachable ethical behaviour in every country in which we conduct business;
Optimize Security management to minimize exposure of personnel, assets and information to potential threats.

We encourage and support initiatives that prevent adverse effects identified in our activities and improve our OMS. All adequate resources will be provided to deliver products and services in compliance with our Policies and all applicable laws, regulations or standards.

Excellence Logging Policies are revised annually to ensure they are suitable with Corporate strategy. They provide the framework for setting attainable objectives and performance is monitored to improve the effectiveness of the Management system.


President & CEO
Excellence Logging