One of Excellence Logging value is "Dedicated Innovation". Innovation sits at the core of our strategy, not only in terms of technology but also in the way we deliver the service to our clients worldwide to better accompany them through their operational and technical challenges. Our Colombes Technology Center is fully oriented towards the development of new products. 

This center has been created in October 2015 and has quickly become fully operational allowing to develop rapidly new technical solutions and to deploy them worldwide through our operational platform. The spirit of our people and their various respective experiences allows EXLOG to be the most innovating company in the Surface Data Logging current landscape. 

In less than two years, strong efforts and investments have allowed to bring quickly to the market new products such as GEAR, SAFE, GPGM among others while fostering other existing services such as Geosteering and Consulting Services.

The structure of our service layers Xview, Xcheck and Xfield allows us to propose to our clients not only the best in class on-site measurements but also to support the data workflow wherever and whenever it is needed. Our services have been developed to ensure the best metrological approach (Xview) but also to validate and reconciliate data within its context (Xcheck) to be further interpreted (Xfield). The modularity of our technologies allows us to offer better services to our customer but at lower cost than current market offer.


Farouk Kimour, Deputy Manager New Product Development says : “Excellence Logging Innovation is really an exciting story that we have just started to write. Unleashing talents is key to create an environment where innovation can grow.

This is what we have done by offering to our people a place where they can take full ownership of projects and at the same time clearly observe the impact they have on our business.

We are proud of this spirit at Excellence Logging. Our New Product Development Team is also regularly in direct contact with our customers. These regular contacts facilitate technical discussions, allow to clearly understand client needs but also allow our customers to understand and see how we work. We have an open-book approach with our customers and we like to hear about their challenges and address them.  All our clients are very welcome to visit our Colombes Technology Center.

This environment combined with the legacy experience that we have in Surface Data Logging Innovation has proven to be very efficient looking at the achievements and new products which have been developed in less than 24 months.

And this is just the beginning."