Dajan and Excellence Logging join forces


Dajan S.r.l is happy to announce their merger with the recently formed, multinational company Excellence Logging. As part of the group, Dajan will continue to provide the same high-quality technical services and customer support for which they are known.

Dajan will be a critical part of Excellence Logging’s global expansion. Excellence Logging brings a global reach and technological innovation that will allow Dajan to further enhance the services that they provide.  The merger with Excellence Logging will give Dajan access to new expertise and technological offerings.

“We are very excited to be part of a global company focused on innovation.  We look forward to the future, and in the meantime, our customers can expect to receive the same great service that they are accustomed to receiving from our people,” said Miguel Gil, President & CEO of Dajan S.r.l.

“We are very happy to have Dajan on board and look forward to implementing globally the services Dajan has been successfully deploying in recent years,” said Bruno Burban, CEO of Excellence Logging.

Dajan S.r.l. was founded in Italy in 2002, starting with Slickline service.  It then expanded its service offering and today is seen as a key service company for its customers. Dajan covers well intervention services including:

Slickline service
Wireline service (perforating – cased hole logging)
Coiled tubing & nitrogen services
Pumping services
Artificial lift
Dewatering system
Special projects and technical support
Excellence Logging, formed in 2015, is based in the UK and backed by Blue Water Energy.  With a presence in Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and North America, their global business is rapidly expanding.  The leadership team has many decades of experience in geology and well intervention field services and related businesses.  They are investing heavily in R&D in order to bring new technologies to the marketplace and create additional value for their customers.

For further inquiries, please contact Miguel Gil at miguel.gil@dajan.it