I want to thank the Excellence Logging team for the good work they did in examining the samples when the gamma ray went out on the MWD tool. Because of their sample recognition and accurate description, we will now be able to make a correction to our directional and get back in the target window and as a result increase the productivity of this well. We really appreciate Exlog’s dedication to excellence.

Ted Romig

Noble Energy

We have overall been pleased with their performance. The equipment is generally new and therefore computers and rig sensors were of current industry standards. The mudlogging personnel have been a mixture of experienced hands recruited from other companies and new hires. In both cases we have been impressed by the enthusiasm of the crews. The high standard of technical support from Excellence Logging is a major high point, with swift responses to all issues. Geological and drilling logs presented on a daily and per well basis have been of a very high quality. 

Nick Comrie-Smith

Exploration Manager
Salamander Energy (E&P) Ltd.

Excellence Logging were able to maintain an experienced crew throughout the duration of the contract ensuring consistency of reporting formats and the unit became the focal point of the wellsite communications. They were commended for HSE meeting participation and averaged 50 Shelf work cards per week. No equipment failures or lost time incidents were reported. Performance was continuously monitored at the rig site and by office personal through DHI Live which remained "up" and accessible on a variety of personal computing devices including smart phones. 

Chris Platt, Ian Anderson

Regional Petrophysicist, VP Exploration
KrisEnergy (Gulf of Thailand) Ltd.

We have used ExLog’s mud logging and geosteering services for almost five years. The reason that we continue to work with them is that their personnel and quality of work is consistently top tier in the industry. I attribute this to strong management and sales team who have assembled a staff with low turnover and who take pride in the work they do every day. Management communicates well and is always willing to share ideas on how to best tackle a project. They have always been a pleasure to work with. They take care of their business, so I can spend my time on other issues.

Senior Geological Operations Manager
Mid-Major US Oil Company

…mud loggers play a key part of beginning to understand hydrocarbon and facies distribution. This is a complex play, and I believe in integrating all possible data, of which mud logging is the closest to the rock and HC phase. I appreciate your Mississippian team’s attitude of product improvement; I was very impressed with them and this only increases my positive impression of ExLog.

Jerry Dominey

Vice President of Exploration
Atlas Energy, L.P.

Excellence Logging exceeded my expectations. Everyone was on-top of their respective projects and kept me informed. It really made my job easier in terms of executing the well and maximising our production opportunity.

Senior Geologist
North American Independent E&P Company

I was very happy with ExLog's GeoChemistry services. More specifically, the XRF data and the process of getting results back to me in a timely manner. We had used XXXX before and it simply did not compare to the services your team provided. Kudos to ExLog GeoChemistry team!

Emily S.

Development Geologist
North American Large Independent E&P Company

Best mud loggers and geosteerers I have worked with in my 9 years in the business.

Geological Operations Manager
North American Independent E&P Company

I just wanted to say how terrific [your work] has been for us. The data has been consistently correct and timely. I can’t express how grateful we are that you have put such an extraordinary effort into your QC process

Lead Development Geologist
International E & P Company