Focused and experienced Mud Logging and Production experts serving you for the lifetime of your wells.

Our core values

Our core values are ingrained deep in to our working philosophy. They are:

  • Dedicated innovation
  • Excellence in Action
  • People Driven Organisation

Mission Statement

Excellence Logging creates value for the oil, gas and geothermal industries worldwide through the application of its dedicated technologies and superior service delivery. Together dedicated technologies and superior service delivery improve geological, drilling and production control of all well types.

The Continuous Improvement Process frames our fundamental approach and drives of our management system. It reduces risk and costs for our customers, increases the health and safety of personnel, and minimizes adverse environmental and social impact.

10 Oct

Core-Tech (an Excellence Logging Company) more than a Slickline company.

Core-Tech is successfully leveraging its mechanical slickline and swabbing footprint to introduce technology plays and increase sales and profits.

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31 May

The Excellence Logging group is today celebrating its three year anniversary.

The Excellence Logging group is today celebrating its three year anniversary. The group now has 630 employees, from more than 25 nationalities, and operating in more than 15 countries.

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19 Jan

Dajan East srl extended its Well Intervention ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 certificate for the Surface Data Logging Services.

Dajan East srl extended its Well Intervention ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 certificate for the Surface Data Logging Services.

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21 Dec

Core-Tech Wireline Joins the Excellence Logging Family

By acquiring carefully selected companies in each continent, Excellence Logging offers a global presence in significant markets, utilizing advanced technology to broaden service offerings. Excellence Logging is pleased to announce the acquisition of one such company, Core-Tech Wireline Services (CTWS).

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15 Jun


One of Excellence Logging value is "Dedicated Innovation". Innovation sits at the core of our strategy, not only in terms of technology but also in the way we deliver the service to our clients worldwide to better accompany them through their operational and technical challenges. Our Colombes Technology Center is fully oriented towards the development of new products.

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24 Apr

Limits on the Accuracy of Pore Pressure Estimates by Analysis of Random Measurement Error and Means for Improvement

No measurement made is ever known to be exact. Accuracy (correctness) and precision (significant digits) of an instrumental measurement (i.e., logging tools and surface laboratory measurement) are subject to the underlying governing physics and the qualities of the apparatus used. As a consequence, every measurement has a range of possible true values and all quantities therefrom derived necessarily carry those uncertainties with them.

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28 Mar

New offshore mud logging technologies are now deployed from Conroe Technology Center, Conroe, TX

Excellence Logging, a multi-national oil field service provider, based in London, is pleased to announce that the convergence between onshore shale oil/shale gas mud logging and offshore international activities has started in the Conroe Technology Center.

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24 Jan

Excellence Logging issued a major revision of the Health & Safety, Environment, Quality, Business Ethics and Security Policies.

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22 Dec

Dajan and Excellence Logging join forces

Dajan S.r.l is happy to announce their merger with the recently formed, multinational company Excellence Logging. As part of the group, Dajan will continue to provide the same high-quality technical services and customer support for which they are known.

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13 Oct

Excellence Logging Inc. Opens the Conroe Technology Center in Conroe Texas USA

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12 Oct

Excellence Logging Poster Presentation at WTGS 2016 Fall Symposium

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04 May

Excellence Logging Code of Conduct is now available

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24 Mar

The ISO 9001:2008 certificate for DHI Services Sdn. Bhd. An Excellence Logging Company has been successfully renewed.

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08 Mar

Not happy with your Geosteering Situation?

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11 Jan

The companies of the Excellence Logging group have decided to standardise their branding

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15 Dec

Excellence Logging new management system is now live.

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05 Nov

HORIZON has decided to join Excellence Logging forces

Horizon Well Logging, LLC, is excited to announce their merger with the newly-formed, multinational company Excellence Logging

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24 Jul

Excellence Logging announces inaugural investment by its management and Blue Water Energy for the immediate acquisition of three companies heralding a new technologically-driven global oil field service company.

Blue Water Energy (BWE) announces today the launch of a new oil field service company, Excellence Logging, and …

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09 Jul

WILOG has decided to join Excellence Logging forces<

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26 Jun

DHI services has decided to join Excellence Logging forces

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12 Jun

Geo-RS has decided to join Excellence Logging forces

Geo-RS has decided to join Excellence Logging forces